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Plastivan products made of cellular and foamed PVC are covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. The guarantee covers mechanical and physical properties, such as:

  • Resistance to discoloration
  • Cracking
  • Deformations due to normal weather conditions in Poland

  5-year manufacturer’s guarantee for products in colours: 02, 07, 14, 09, 09F, 951, 952, 953

  10-year manufacturer’s guarantee for products in colours: 01, 03, 11


Guarantee terms and conditions

  1. The user must follow manufacturer’s recommendations and install the products in accordance with the installation instructions and the applicable building standards.

  2. Any claims under the guarantee must be submitted in writing to the manufacturer within 7 days from the appearance of any defect giving rise to the claim.

  3. Any claims will be admitted only if accompanied by the proof of purchase and the original label of the claimed product.

  4. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage resulting from non-observance of the temperature range recommended for product installation and use. Recommended temperature during installation – from -5°C to +30°C; recommended temperature during use – from –20°C to +40°C.

  5. The manufacturer reserves the right to visit the place of product installation to confirm the defects covered by the guarantee. The visit is a necessary element of the claim adjustment process.

  6. The guarantee covers only the manufacture costs of new products if the old products must be replaced.

  7. The manufacturer reserves the right to select replacement products necessary to perform repairs under guarantee.

  8. The manufacturer shall provide the replacement products to the user at its own cost.

  9. Whenever any products under guarantee cannot be replaced for technical reasons, the manufacturer shall cover the costs of their purchase at its discretion.

  10. The guarantee does not cover damage due to improper storage, transport, installation or use.

  11. The guarantee does not cover damage due to damage inflicted by foreign bodies, fire, hurricane, hail, extreme weather conditions and natural disasters.

  12. The guarantee does not cover damage due to faulty structures, including building structures, on which the products have been installed or which are likely to contribute to product damage.

  13. The guarantee does not cover changes of physical properties resulting from normal use and ageing of products.

  14. The manufacturer shall not cover any other expenses or pay for losses related to the use of its products.

  15. The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce changes to its products without any notice.

  16. The guarantee shall run from the product purchase day confirmed by a valid proof of purchase.


PLASTIVAN makes its PVC products of top quality materials, using state-of-the-art technology. All PLASTIVAN products are certified for use in the construction industry:

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