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Viligno planks

The Viligno board range consists of a series of natural-looking wood motifs with grain structure. Viligno vinyl plank flooring is extremely suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, offices and even for commercial projects. In order for you to easily choose the Viligno floor that is best suited for your personal needs and living condition we have put all the options side by side once more in the convenient overview below.


This allows you to easily compare colours and textures. To fully convince you of the quality and comfort we recommend that you come have a look at a real Viligno floor.



DuoFuse Garden Fences

DuoFuse system used as a material for construction of fences constitutes a new solution that guarantees perfect aesthetic effects and comfortable usage.

At first, DuoFuse composite platforms were used for terraces and benches. Now, owing to innovative technologies, they are applied also for fences. We have created a uniform fence that combines both the design of cosy wood and properties of plastics. The fence is adjusted to difficult weather conditions (intense sunlight, humidity, waterlogged areas, and not easily accessible areas). The material used to build the fence does not require any maintenance works, does not rot nor delaminate and it keeps its colour. Moreover, it provides sound insulation. For fences we offer composite platforms in two colours – tropical brown and stone gray. You can easily adjust our platforms to the design of your garden or elements of landscape architecture. The multiplicity of platform applications ensures colouristic uniformity and harmony – they may also be used as an element of pergolas and hoardings.






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